Thursday, May 17, 2012

Oh those pesky woodpeckers!

Knock, knock, knock.  Every morning this time of year I’m wakened by woodpeckers pecking away at my house.  One year they pecked holes all the way through into my attic where they were making a nest!

After carefully checking to make sure there were no woodpeckers in the attic, Critter Control patched the holes in my siding.  Then they attached a “Scare Eye” balloon with shiny, reflective, mylar streamers on a string pulley that hangs from my roof. I also added more mylar streamers for added effect.

It's important to only inflate the balloon to about 80% or less for a more realistic look and to move it around every once in a while or the woodpeckers get used to it and realize that scary balloon isn't going to hurt them.  The shiny streamers make a crackly noise when they move in the wind so the reflection and noise help scare them away. The "Scare Eye" balloon and mylar streamers definitely help scare the woodpeckers away.   

But this year, they were more persistent.  I had to outsmart them.  So, I searched the internet and downloaded free sound effects of birds of prey, their mortal enemies. Now when the pecking starts, I scare them away with the sounds of screeching hawks and owls.  Success!  It not only scared them away from my house but from the whole neighborhood.  My neighbors are happy and so am I!

I've also been told that hanging shiny cd's on a string from trees, gutters, or other fixtures are helpful in scaring away pesky birds.  If you've got these same problems, try these tips.  I hope they work for you too.  I'd love to hear some of your solutions also!


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  1. A plastic owl also works to keep them away, hung nearby.