Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Counting Our Blessings

What a week we’ve had here in the Seattle area with all the snow, freezing rain, ice, wind, downed trees and power outages! Maybe you’re one of the thousands of people without power during our frigid temperatures and wacky weather. I was without power for 24 hours. As the temperatures dipped down to nearly 40 degrees in my house, I bundled up with layers of clothes. I couldn’t leave home either, because a tree blocked my driveway. So, I lit scented candles and crawled in bed under lots of blankets and read while I snuggled with my kitty cats.

Sometimes we can take things for granted like electricity and heat, but it doesn’t take much time to be without them for us to be thankful for those blessings. Another reason to count our blessings every day…especially in the midst of the storms!


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